Thursday, September 17, 2009

Size Matters?

Consider America’s obsession with being thin! I guess in a way I get it, because I think clothes look better on a svelte body, and obviously a lean physique is more appealing to the eye. What I don’t get however, is the attraction, especially to Caucasian men, to a woman whose body closely resembles that of a 12-year-old, pre-pubescent boy. I mean, take away the breasts, and add those little short boy haircuts, and you’ve got Dutch paint boy.

I mean, I assume that there is a clear and obvious reason that one is attracted to the opposite sex. I that it's primarily because they are “opposite”. I assume a man has a desire to lay in bed with breasts, and hips…otherwise, what’s the point?

As demented and twisted as my analogy might sound, I’ve often wondered if a man who desires a non-curvy woman who weighs 90 pounds soaking wet, really has a desire to sleep with children. Why as a woman, who is attracted to the opposite of me, want to lie with a man who weighs 95 non-muscular pounds and he’s 30? It’s just a bit odd to me.

Ok, now how about this? What up with guys who are turned on by women who body build? Have you seen these women..... these Schwarzennegerettes? WHY in the hell would a MAN want to snuggle in bed with something that feels like his homey? But, who are we kidding? More than likely, ain’t none of his boys even that cut! In my opinion, if you want to sleep with a person that feels like a man, you’re likely attracted to men. I don’t give a damn what you say! Again, what’s natural is that if you’re attracted to the opposite sex…..well, hence the word “opposite”. Otherwise, why would a man want a woman who can bench-press his ass? I have said many times, I can’t be with a man whose ass I can kick. It’s just not going to be a safe environment for him.

I have nothing against homosexual people. I am often impressed by, more than anything, their courage to be what they are despite the threat of social repercussions. But, at least they’re not perpetrating. Now, this is all based on my personal theory. There could certainly be the possibility that men are attracted to extremely small women, or women whose biceps are twice the size of their own. Maybe I simply don't understand or conceive the motivation of that kind of attraction. Could be! I just wonder what else could explain it.


CHeeKZ said...

O lord. Chyna, you hit the nail on the head with this one. If there is one thing that black men have right is our love of proper sized women. Granted some chase big backside too often and are left with big everything. I still feel our ideal is the best the world as to offer in turns of partners.
Most of Black Hollywood can't even get a raise out of me with their lack of hips. Granted they have gorgeous women, but I'll take Cheekie over Halle Berry anyday.

If there is one good thing to come from the existence of strippers and rap video models (some models) is their influence in bringing butts and curves back in play. Sometimes I watch TV or movies from the 80's and think "THAT WAS SEXY TO ME?" Lucky for me I got hooked on Sir Mix-A-Lot plus running around middle school terrorizing ....its my first comment here, I'll keep it PG-13.

Curves and flesh have a pratical purpose in a lover... they feel better. We as humans are attracted to round shapes. The End.

Cheekie said...

@CheeKZ: Sup, e-Booski! Thanks for droppin' on by.

And don't worry about keeping it PG-anything. Like our intro post said...this ain't for the squeamish.

But yeah, my sis went hard on this post. It's a topic she's wanted to write forever. We're always talking about it and I think her theory has some validity!

Anonymous said...

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JSin said...

Interesting post. I'll be swinging back through to check out some more of your posts. Thanks for sharing.

Check out my blog too. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The super-thin look comes from the fashion industry, which is run by gay men. That's where you should direct your question. The average white guy isn't chasing that look.